Par 71, 6000+ yards that will
challenge the best as well as provide
a fun venue for the casual player
The ClubSHMC Tournament Results    October 20, 2017
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Tournament Results

Member/Guest Day (10/7/17)

1st:  John Steen & Randy Coffey N58

2nd:  Steve Robertson & Drew Mallman  N61
3rd:  Andy Rogers & Garth Watrous  N62

Closest to the Pin Winners:

#7  Pedro Lomeli  32'
#9  Drew Mallman  8'4"
#10 Robert Vineyard  10'11"
#13 Gabe Moreno  7'1"
#15 Pedro Lomeli  7'1"

Horserace Winners:

1st:  Gerry Lomeli, Pedro Lomeli, Brian Stipanovich & Chris Boulerice

2nd:  Andy Rogers, Garth Watrous, Gary Nelson & Rod Riqueros


2017 Club Championship (9/16&17/2017)

Club Champion
Kraig Mitchell  146

President's Flight:
1st:  Mike Gruber  N137

2nd:  Esteban Rodriguez  N145
3rd:  Gerardo Loyola  N146
4th:  Eric Vargas  N147
5th:  Mario Sulay  N147

Governor's Flight:
1st:  Jeff Rogers  N135

2nd:  John Biehl  N143
3rd:  Steve Edwards  N144
4th:  Bill Cutting  N145
5th:  Glenn Lynch  N145

Mayor's Flight:
1st:  Ray Weber  N142

2nd:  John Steen  N147
3rd:  Gabe Moreno  N147
4th:  Steve Robertson  N148

Player of the Year 2017
Jeff Rogers



2-Player Best Ball (8/06/2017)

1st:  Jeff Rogers & Greg Azevedo  N68

2nd:  Steve Perez & Gabe Moreno  N69
3rd:  Eric Vargas & Garrett Fischer  N71
4th:  Al Rodriguez & Rodney Schmidt  N72
5th:  Matthew Bloesch & Chris Boulerice  N73
6th:  Gary Nelson & Tom Atkinson  N74
7th:  Mario Sulay & Robert Vineyard  N74

Closest To The Pin:

#7  Greg Azevedo  13'7"
#9  Mike Lewis  6'9"
#10  Ray Weber  9'7"
#13  Eric Vargas  ACE
#15  Greg Azevedo  2'1"

Low Gross: Eric Vargas  70



4-Player Red, White & Blue (7/09/2017)

1st:  124  Albert Saldana, Gerry Lomeli, Pedro Lomeli & Mike Robe

2nd: 125 Peter Truman, Joe Haselton & Rick Scurich
3rd: 128 Stacy Brown, Steve Henneuse, Gary Nelson & Brenda Young

Closest to Pin:
#7  Bill Cutting  12'1"
#9  Bill Cutting  7'8"
#10  Jaime Renteria  10'10"
#13  Ryan Bell  9'3"
#15  Mike Robe  7'1"

Low Gross:
Kraig Mitchell & Mike Robe  72

Skin Winners:
Esteban Rodriguez  N#1
Mike Robe  G/N#2 & G#6
Pedro Lomeli  G/N#4
Gary Salter  G/N#5
Ray Weber  N#7
Michael Mohrmann  G/N#8
John Maciel  N#10
Matthew Bloesch  G#13
Ron Mendez  N#16 


Ladies Day Tournament (6/11/2017)

Scotch Format:

1st:  Nancy & Dennis Johnson  N68
2nd: Shirley Chapman & Dexter Rogers  N75
3rd:  Isabella & Ron Mendez  N76

Ladies Putt:

1st: Jeannie & Gary Ewers  N75
2nd:  Cindy & Dennis Campbell  N78
3rd:  Charlyne & John Balducci  N85

Closest to Pin:

#10  Dexter Rogers  38'
#13  Nancy Johnson  9'8"

Fewest Putts:

Cindy Campbell 32


No-Flags Tournament (5/21/2017)

1st:  Alex Reveles  N66

2nd:  Ruben Pina  N67
3rd:   Andy Rogers  N68
4th:  Phil Adams  N68
5th:  Kraig Mitchell  N68
6th:  George Marceil  N70
7th:  Steve Edwards  N71
8th:  Jeff Rogers  N

Closest to the Pins:

#7:  Tom Johndrew  13'6"
#9:  Zac Chavez  6'2"
#10:  Jeff Rogers  9'3"
#13:  Alex Reveles  7'4"
#15:  Mike Wilson  9'3"


Low Gross:  

Kraig Mitchell 68





2-Player Chapman Scotch (5/7/2017)

1st:  Net63 Mike Wilson & Gary Banks

2nd:  Net64  Amy Preaseau & Lori Shaw
3rd:   Net65  Ron Mendez & Isabella Mendez
4th:   Net66  Mario Sulay & Esteban Rodriguez
5th:   Net67  Mike Gruber & Mike Ferrin

Closest to the Pin Winners:

#7  Ron Taylor  11'11"
#9  Rudy Ortega  11'1"
#10  Lori Shaw  5'1"
#13  Michael Mohrmann  6'7"
#15  Steve Edwards  4'5"


Match Play Championship  (April 2017)


Gary Nelson
2017 Spring Hills Match Play Champion


Moneyball  (3/5/2017)

1st:  Steve Perez, Chris Boulerice, Rudy Ortega & Gabe Monero  Net 138

2nd:  David Tavarez, Tom McCarthy, Ron Mendez & John Lighthill  Net 138

Closest to the Pin Winners:

#7:  None
#9:  Ron Mendez  8'2"
#10:  Tom Johndrew  1'5"
#13:  Mario Sulay  8;11"
#15:  Steve Perez  9'8"

Low Gross:  John Lighthill 74

Matthew Bloesch  G#2
John Lighthill  G#3
Rudy Ortega  G/N#6, G#18
John Roe  G#7
Tom Johndrew  G/N#10
Mike Wilson  G/N#13
Steve Perez  G#15

Super Bowl Shootout (2/5/2017)

1st:  Max Ramirez III  Net68

2nd:  Gerardo Loyola  Net71
3rd:  Tom Atkinson  Net72
4th:  Matthew Bloesch  Net72
5th:  Mike Wilson  Net73

Closest to the Pin winners:

#7:  none
#9:  Max Ramirez IV  10'7"
#10:  Matthew Bloesch  11'7"
#13:  Max Ramirez IV  8'4"
#15:  Mike Lewis  23'8"

Low Gross:  Gerardo Loyola  77


2-Player Scramble (12/11/2016)

1st:  G. Yoro / E. Manabe Net62

2nd:  R. Mendez / T. England  Net63
3rd:  E. Vargas / G. Fischer  Net63
4th:  M. Bloesch / R. Burgess  Net63
5th:  T. McCarthy / D. Tavarez  Net64
6th:  G. Lynch / G. Marciel  Net64
7th:  K. Mitchell / R. Taylor  Net65

Closest to the Pin Winners:

#7  Dennis Johnson 12'7"
#9  Willy Schlick  6'6"
#10  Gary Yoro  11'6"
#13  Eric Vargas  5'7"
#15  Sam Kennedy  10'2"


Turkey Shoot (11/20/2016)

20 of 39 Players received Safeway Certificates

The following players received Player-of-the-Year points:

Michael Gruber  N69
Matthew Bloesch  N70
Glenn Lynch  N70
John Roe N70
Mike Winter  N72
David Kerr  N73
Michael Mohrmann  N73
Esteban Rodriguez  N73
Gary Banks  N74
Steve Edwards  N74
Tom Kurack  N74
Jeff Rogers  N74

Closest to the Pin winners:

#7  John Roe  15'6"
#9  George Marciel  2'4"
#10  Jeff Rogers  13'5"
#13  Michael Gruber  15'11"
#15  Jeff Rogers  22'3"

Low Gross:
Michael Gruber  74


Tombstone (10/30/2016) 
Results based on front-9 net scores due to inclement weather

1st:  Rudy Ortega N32

2nd:  Chris Asmussen  N34
3rd:  Stephan Perez  N35
4th:  Tom Kurack  N35
5th:  Ron Mendez  N35
6th:  Rick Sullivan  N36

Close to the pin winners:

#7  Rudy Ortega  8'8"
#9  Stephan Perez  12'4"
#10  George Marciel  4'
#13  Chris Asmussen  7'1"
#15  John Roe  1'8"

Low Gross  
Rudy Ortega  36

2016 Member /  Guest Tournament: (Oct. 8, 2016)

1st:  G. Nelson & R. Riqueros  Net 62
2nd:  B. Stipanovich & C. Boulerice  Net 63
3rd:   R. Vineyard & C. Okamoto  Net 63
4th:   R. Sullivan &  S. Spaulding  Net 65
5th:  D. Tavarez &  A. Gallino  Net

Closest to the Pin Winners:
#7  R. Vineyard  9'9"
#9  B. Dickenson  3'1"
#10  C. Boulerice  18'8"
#13  D. Tavarez  4'1"
#15  C. Okamoto  2'11"

Horserace Winners:
1st:  R. Taylor, B. Dickenson, V. Katsuyama & S. Spaulding
2nd:  S. Perez, M. Bloesch, B. Stipanovich & C. Boulerice

Skin Winners:
M. Sulay  G#5
R. Riqueros  N#6
D. Campbell  G/N#7, G#11
J. Leggett  G#9
C. Boulerice  G/N#10
B. Stipanovich  N#15
G. Nelson  N#17

2016 Club Championships:

1st: Gary Yoro 138 "Club Champion"
2nd: Kraig Mitchell  140
3rd:  Steve Henneuse 144

President's Flight: (Net)
1st:  Steve Henneuse  
2nd:  Kraig Mitchell  138
3rd:  Rudy Ortega  139

Governor's Flight: (Net)
1st:  Willy Schlick  138
2nd:  Glenn Lynch  141
3rd:  Matthew Bloesch  143

Mayor's Flight: (Net)
1st:  Max Ramirez III  149
2nd:  Ray Schmidt  151
3rd:  John Steen  152

Player of the Year:

Match Play Champions


President's Flight Winner: Chris Asmussen
Governor's Flight Winner: Bill Cutting




2015 Club Champions

Club Champion
Gary Yoro

President's Flight
George Marciel

Governor's Flight
Ron Mendez

Mayor's Flight
Lonnie Lockwood

Player of the Year
Jeff Rogers

Match Play Champion
Lonnie Lockwood


2014 Club Champions

Club Champion 
Sergio Sanchez  

President's Flight
Steve Perez

Governor's Flight
Bill Cutting

Mayor's Flight
Lonnie Lockwood


2014 Player of the Year
Esteban Rodriguez

2014 Match Play Champion
Marty Littlefield


2018 Player of the Year
Steen John 8.00
Robertson Steve 7.00
Rogers Andy 6.00
Nelson Gary 5.00
Perez Steve 3.50
Stipanovich Brian 3.50
Moreno Gabe 3.00
Vineyard Robert 2.00
Lomeli Gerry 1.00
Vargas Eric 1.00


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